AMAZING NEWS! The missus(one of them) is flying me out to Boston! OH SWEET SONS OF THE PHARAOHS! I’m so excited. I have gone once before on a week visit last year, and it was absolutely lovely.


-the subway

-speaking to people on the subway

-dancing and doing the jerk on the subway

-people staring on the subway

-making friends with the homeless in the city

-taking pictures with the homeless veterans in the city

-laughing with my best friend

A statue of a man taking a poopy.

that thing had smoke coming out of it. I was SO excited to take a picture with it…obviously…it didn’t work as well as I thought.

the stranger I made friends with in the city.

Obviously had to stop at the Forever 21 in Boston…Chai in hand.


2 responses to “BOSTON HERE I COME!

  1. The Red Line pic is great because that is the subway I take everyday to my new place!! And I’ve walked by the break dancer boys a few times… I just smile as I think of you, and admire them. 😉 Oh heavens to Betsy, I’m bursting with excitement for part two!! 😀

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