Tyra needs to practice consistency

For those of you who follow America’s Next Top Model…adore it…and subsequently put up with Tyra Banks and her “smile with your eyes”, you know how much she blabs about wanting plus size models to have equal opportunity in the industry as well as promoting that girls love who they are, especially if they are large.However, in the commercial for the upcoming season, she is giving a girl who looks extremely unhealthy and “bragging about the smallest waist in the world” A LOT of praise. Seems like there’s a disconnect, right?

In my opinion, ‘skinny’ is not hot…’skinny’ is not healthy. Neither is not being able to control the emotional eating (girls?). I thinkĀ  balance is the key! Being fit and eating is SEXY. Someone get me a steak.

Girl. Eat a hamburger.


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