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Update on the trial:Murder and rape of mother and two daughters

Click the image to read the full story and watch the video.

I am continuing to pray for Dr. William Petit and the family and friends left. The oldest daughter was turning 18 and just about to leave for college. The youngest was only 11.


Mobile Blog: This morning

This morning I noticed a few more wrinkles around my eyes. I’m not freaking out about it…YET. Anyone else having these things pop up? Any secrets out there on good lotions/masks?


Today’s Outfit: Ladylike

Second Month So Far

Started this in August…

And in the second month we reached 5000.

Thank you for sharing life with me!

Give me a PUSH!

To keep me from being a slacker, I am going to have all of you as my accountability. I will post update pics, and if there’s no improvement…I expect all of you to come knock down my door and make me surrender to the weights!

(The last sentence was a huge hyperbole. Please don’t come to where I am. It would be weird, and I would call the local authorities immediately.)


Working hard to finally get results in the childbearing hips and lower abs.

Finally see a cut.

just kidding?

As you can tell. Did not put a lot of effort into that flex.

Mom would not be pleased.

Tight Body.

If you want to have a firm body, a healthy life, a healthy outlook and are willing to PUSH for it.

I’ll help you.

Keep your eyes on the look out for more info coming soon…


Today’s Outfit: Uptight.