Our Huge Three Month Date

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Too many relationships thrive only with CONSTANT communication. We like doing things right…

Him. Trying not to laugh at me trying to make him laugh.

D making fun of the faces I make in day to day conversation.

Sexiest Couple goes toooooo…….

Always smiling with him. Even when I try not to.



4 responses to “Our Huge Three Month Date

  1. I LOVE YOU! ❤

  2. So cute and hilarious! How come you guys are apart? Studies?

    • We actually aren’t apart! He lives about 15 minutes from my apartment 🙂

      We are both just very busy, and while we make time for each other A LOT…we just like to make sure the relationship isn’t only great if we constantly go out, and are together. He is in university for Kinesiology and will be going to Physician’s Assistant school after he graduates from ASU!

      I am on the “alternative” plan 🙂

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