Today’s Outfit: Carnal

Look, I always put my hands on hips to appear sassy.

if you have a wide arse, stick to pockets that are spread further apart…trust me.

and this is what I call “do the hair tie”. It gives the illusion that I am putting up a pony tail.

The Ring part 3?

pop a squat type of maneuver?

If you haven’t caught on. Today is the day to laugh at yourself. Make jokes. Smile!! If you don’t take yourself so seriously, the problems won’t seem as serious either. Don’t give anyone the rights to your happiness, take control of your emotions!!!




6 responses to “Today’s Outfit: Carnal

  1. Oh thank God!!! I kept looking at the photograph desperately looking for some similarities… I’m not crazy!!

  2. Love the shoes as well, totally takes the outfit to a new level! : )

  3. I’m not a jeans girl, but these work so well for you! Gorgeous!!!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, I am very picky about jeans ESPECIALLY because very few fit me right. Those ones are SO long on me… but the huge roll actually worked to my favor!

  4. Love the look and the jeans!!!!

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