More from today…

The usual play and help with our amazing little ones, and then wonderful lunch with my amazing family.

Her name is Sang.

His name is Bellington.

The lights in my life.

You are well acquainted with this one…


2 responses to “More from today…

  1. One beautiful, happy family! Your mum’s shoes are killer!!! Milla needs those : )

    Who are those little children? So sweet!

    • Aren’t they nice? I was eye-ing the shoes all day! 🙂

      And those little joys are the children I volunteer with every Sunday morning!! I wake up feeling grumpy that I don’t get to sleep in… and then I see their faces, and hear their laughs and it makes it worth it. I am blessed to be able to invest time, love, and laughter with them!

      (those are 2 out of a group of 10-15; 1,2 and 3 year olds :))

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