Bath Time.

A very sad thing happened this week.

My face exploded.

It could be because of that ONE week that it happens to every girl.

Or it could be because I haven’t taken time to just sit, relax, and beautify.

But either way…

I have the Target symbol positioned off center on my forehead.

Or as D would call it…

A Ghandi dot.

Not in any way holy, however.

The Remedy.

minus one vital team player: Midol.


2 responses to “Bath Time.

  1. Despite having no make-up on, making a funny face AND a cleansing mask on, you still look gorgeous. I’m not sure whether to love or hate you!! Haha, I think the former is much better : )

    • I love that you choose to love me. If you hated me, I might have to go in a closet and cry! 😉

      You give me these little boosts of confidence right when I need them! Truly a highlight person in my day to day!


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