And the Awards go to…

*long drum roll*

Not Just Another Milla

Amarige Panache


It’s Strangely Me


Thought it was time to dedicate a post to my most favorite blogs(bloggers):

Milla– Gives me tingles when I get to see around where she lives(France)

as well as being my BEST FOLLOWER thus far. Always offers amazing words, and a heartfelt smile.

Amarige Panache– The perfect balance of art, fashion, music, life, and even architecture.

Always has something good to say. Always has something good to show.

Resonate.Local– Besides being a fellow Asian(bonus points), she has rad taste

in style and fashion.

It’s Strangely Me-My very first fellow blogger comment. As well as my favorite place to

see what is new and on the racks for my pleasure.

Thank you to all of you for bringing smiles,

encouraging me,

letting me know at least one person actually looks,

and contributing to all your readers the best of who you are!


Click any of their names to see their blog.


4 responses to “And the Awards go to…

  1. ЎHola! – da mejor. Guardar va!


  2. Oh la la!! I’m so flattered by your kind words but you know, we all come here to read what you have to say and see your gorgeous daily outfit. Thank you for sharing your world with us : )



  3. Aw! That’s so sweet, I’m flattered.
    I think you’re actually one of my first readers as well!
    🙂 Keep bloggin’ girlfriend!

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