The Good, The Bad, and Their Cleavage

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have donated money.

And now, I will donate a post on straight BREAST AWARENESS.

Girls, we know you have titties, this does not give you a release to push them practically vertical and upwards to touch your chin.

This is not lady like.

And you can no longer think the boys are looking at you because you are pretty,

it is because boys like boobies.

Let’s all bring the attention back to our faces.

Here is a simplistic diagram of the good and the bad:




4 responses to “The Good, The Bad, and Their Cleavage

  1. A great cause.

    Salma has such a fabulous figure but she constantly wears the wrong cut for her upper body. She has such amazing cleavage, and I really wish she would show it off in a more ladylike manner.

    • Yes, Miss Salma does. And for those of us who are slightly challenged in the upper area (ME!!!), it would be so nice for our more endowed sisters to make us proud!

  2. whats “bad” about that hottie bottom center? and why isnt there a picture of you on the “good”? 😉

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