Lace and Liquor

I took a much needed break from the computer this weekend.

It was wonderful.

My mommy and daddy bought and surprised me with a black berry Torch!!

(yes, I may have replaced the computer with a ‘mini computer’ this weekend)


time with D and family made me a very happy girl!

Be sure to eat breakfast!



6 responses to “Lace and Liquor

  1. I am loving that skirt missy. Great taste! I’m intrigued about your wardrobe… I think the myth about American women and the huge wardrobes is actually a fact!

    • Thank you! And the myth about American women IS true. BUUUT sadly, not in my case. I have a way of getting on all fours and finding the best vintage finds though! So while my collection may not be huge, little things here and there make them look completely different 🙂

      Do you wear lace a lot? For some reason, you seem like a lady who would love her lace..


  2. You look fantastic! Great photo collage. I wonder who did them up…

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