Mobile Blog: Am I Going Blind?

I have had to make the humbling switch from using my glasses only for reading and feeling sexier,to all purpose-all the time use.

No longer can I boast being able to see signs from afar, and being the one in the office who can do work with out them.


I suppose my contacts will now come out of the bathroom vanity and into my eyes.

The glasses are hurting my elf ears.

But the lack of glasses is giving me migraines!

Vain has lost the battle to Comfort.




4 responses to “Mobile Blog: Am I Going Blind?

  1. Looking sexxxy is looking smart!

  2. Did you really type “Elf ears”?! That made me laugh so much!! I think you look even more gorgeous with your glasses, and there is nothing sexier than a women who puts her health (even eyesight) before vanity : )

    • Well Milla. You have saved the day again. I will wear my contacts and glasses with pride! AND YES! I did say elf ears, you should see them, they point at the top just so.

      I’ll snap a pic one of these days.


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