The last post of old photos was apparently liked by readers,


here’s some more oldies but goodies.

(don’t make fun of me, to my face)


My sweet and dear friend.

good ol’ desert.

Yes. That is a 50 cal


I wish I could say with honesty that I have calmed down over the years.

I’m the asian one in the middle.

Friends for 8 years.


Just brushed my teeth and climbed under the sheets and poofy comforter.






7 responses to “throwbackCIARA

  1. You’re just the sweetest!! Maybe in my next life I’ll be a cheerleader – it looks like so much fun, but in film etc it looks hard, and cheerleaders are portrayed in a very negative light.

    I still think you’re a little lala to be flying through the air without wings! Crazy woman : )

  2. i still dont get how you were this ripped and eating taco bell every day?? and just think youll look even better than this in like a month if you keep working hard! πŸ™‚

  3. Pic 11 had me laughing so much!!! I adore you and your sense of humour. If ever I have a bad day, I’ll be stopping off here to get some positive energy.

    You were a cheerleader? What’s that like? We don’t really have them here in Europe.

    • THIS MADE MY DAY!!!!! My life has a greater purpose when it serves someone else, even if it’s just to lighten the heart. ❀ Your kindness has had more of an impact than you know and the least I can do is post an "embarrassing" picture to send some laughter your way.

      Yes, I was a cheerleader for 6 years. I loved every minute of it. In my mind, I still am a cheerleader. Just the other day I did a cheer for my roommate in our living room. Can you say "Denial"?

      I'll post a photo of some of my stunts. I was a flyer, so you'd see me in the air with girls holding me up!


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