I spy with my little eye

Things I saw at the fair:This guy and his girl and baby stood out for 2 reasons:

1. They were white in a sea of off white.

2. His face was amazing. Looked like my entire earring case on a canvas.

He was kind enough to let me take a couple shots.


To the untrained eye, this is merely an average Joe, fair attendee.

But to the trained eye…

I spotted these whilst he was standing ever so near…

My Pick for Best in Show

This beautiful man was unlike any of the other “street preachers” I so fervently disagree with.

He was not screaming condemnations, or accusing every one of being unworthy. He just mildly asked passers by if they would be interested in a pamphlet or a water bottle. If they objected, he smile, and shook their hand or gave the little kids a huge happy high five.

No glory, no pride.

No pressure, no judgment.

His love can speak truth to people of ANY religion.

“My faith has become my eyes.”


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