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How many other ways can you title a gym post?

Tonight, I pulled a Jason Derulo and rode solo.

Just got home a bit ago and am beat!

I’m learning more and more that nothing comes easy, and that you ONLY get out what you put in. I am doing my best…and I want to continue doing my best.


Sweet dreams all…

Poses that you do in competition as seen here.

A lame photo that looks like a Rocky rerun.

Three more months till competition!!

Please, don’t let me fall off track!



So far today…

I went on a walk…

…and ate steamed veggies and california rolls for lunch.

I want french fries, but I’m learning the virtue in self discipline.

but uhhh can’t I just have a few?? plleeaaseee???



.Crop Circles.

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Cropped Tee: XXI. Skirt: Thrifted. Shoes: Fergie. Pillows: Marshall’s!

“Everybody is unique. Compare not yourself with anybody else lest you spoil God’s curriculum.” — Baal Shem Tov

I am not stick thin, and I most likely never will be.

This is me.

I tried for awhile to force my body into some gaunt frail state that I thought at the time was beauty. All I got was lack of energy, more insecurity, and full time mood swings.

Please dear readers,

know that you are beautiful.

If you haven’t heard it in awhile, SAY IT OUT LOUD RIGHT NOW!


You are a delicate, divine, and dazzling creation!

Take this day and every day you have in the future to know that you have YOUR potential to reach in full, not some other person’s  standard. Don’t hold yourself under anyone’s shadow, gorgeous. Be a light! BE YOU!

23. I am not as good as I should be, I am not as good as I could be, but THANK GOD I am better than I used to be!


Gym Date

M and I make love to the elliptical and free weights tonight.

It’s called a 4set-some.

Don’t player hate. Participate.

I still cant find where my lower abs ran off to.

and the arms are still weaklings.

But hey! The slow lil’ turtle wins the race right??



In A Dreamworld.

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All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.

-Edgar Allan Poe


There’s some dreamish things going on up there with all the clouds right?

(or maybe I’m the only one who thinks ‘dream’ when I see fuzz?)

I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams lately and I suppose that could be my reasoning for doing a phantasmal post when it really doesn’t make sense.

Before I forget! The dress is a vintage piece, the shoes are  Sam Edelman.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.



22. I am 21.

Weekend in Photos.

This weekend I…

Watched how D pumps his gas.

Held our Children.

Looked at  baby photos at my parents’

saw my mommy as a tiny vietnamese toddler.

..and went on a walk in the beautiful weather with my number one.

Glam in Goth

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Winter is about the only time you can pull off a good goth look without the summer sun melting lipstick down the lower half of your face.

It looks like that flow factory going on up there is a dress…

it is actually 2 separate skirts that I manipulated into some hardly wearable ensemble.  To be completely real with you, I kind of get a kick out of all the black and maybe the whole grunge look as a whole.


Maybe I just look like Dracula.

21. I have a crush on Jennifer Garner. But mostly only when she is Sydney Bristow. All you Alias fans out there,let me hear you.