Those Sam Ed’s were such a steal. If you know me, you know I refuse to spend a pay check on kicks. So, when I saw these for A LOT less than a pay check…it was a sealed deal.

Off to enjoy a Chai and some quick conversation at Starbucks.

Then, hustle.

2. No one person has been able to give me as much peace and happiness in every interaction as Ian Gale. He is my “little brother”, but with how much I learn from him, the light I see in him…I can hardly call him little.


9 responses to “Slings-n-Slips

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  2. Great ensemble complimented by the FABULOUS look!

  3. There is such an effortless ease to the way you look classy-chic! I’m really loving the natural elegance you exude!

    • Wow, you certainly do shine some light into this bloggers world! Thank you for such a wonderful comment. I wish you could see me in real life, you would have to switch out the elegance to ‘clumsiness’ πŸ˜‰

      You are inspirational…hope all is going well in the business!


  4. Dude, the top is so relaxed and easy. Loves.

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