Mobile Blog: Sore throat needs Chai

So I did.


8 responses to “Mobile Blog: Sore throat needs Chai

  1. Pocahontas comes to mind : )


  2. You’re sick!? Really?! That’s what you look like when you’re sick? You’re absolutely gorgeous woman! Feel better.



      Now I can stop whining and moaning to D about how I missed your comments! ❤

      I hope the trip was SO amazing.

      I am finally back at work today…we'll see how long I last!



  3. Oh, you poor thing.

    I love to take spoonfuls of Manuka honey for a sore throat… spicy food, like Thai or Indian broths, also work wonderfully.

    Get well soon!

    Sarah x

    P.S: Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog and, in turn, bringing me to your own beautiful blog. I’m going to be visiting a whole lot more from now on – and that’s a promise! :0)

    • What a BEAUTIFUL comment to read when I am sick!

      Is Manuka honey in normal stores? What does it taste like? I am SO excited to try it and hopefully sooth!

      I am Vietnamese so I am eating some Pho like Pho-maniac. The spice just feels perfect. It distracts me from the pain 🙂

      You are very welcome Sarah, And I will be doing the same.



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