Pretty much the ugliest pants I had ever seen.

Which means, of course, I LOVE THEM.

Funny story is, they were a whopping$156 retail price.


Michael Koors


I threw up approximately 10 times last night.

Which also means I was crying pretty much all night.

I hope you’ll take that as my excuse for the puffy eyes and bags.

Needless to say, I’M HUNGRY!

I still feel extremely sickly, but I will go to work anyways and hopefully still push myself through the front doors of that hell hole so simply called “gym”.

Hopefully, I will work the sickness out of me. (Even though I’m pretty sure being constantly on the go is what made me sick in the first place 😦 Someone give me a break?)

4. I had my entire bottom lip bit off by a pit bull when I was 5. (where’s the positive in this you ask?)…I will never have a need for botox or lip injections in the mouth area.





6 responses to “monstrous.

  1. Hammer Pants!

  2. I’m sorry you’re sick hun. I’m actually really sick too… but I don’t look as cute as you do! ❤

  3. Ugly is beautiful. Those pants are rockin’!!

    Sorry to hear you’re not well :[ Take it easy..

    And pit bull? That’s insane! What was a pit bull doing biting your lip off?!?@

    • Ugly IS beautiful isn’t it!?

      Thank you so much for that kind advice, I actually think I’ll take a break tonight and just relax.

      And poor ol’ boy was asleep, and when I was a young lass, I had just gotten home and was so excited to see him that I hugged him and awoke him from his sleep and I guess scared the crap out of him. He ended up reacting that way. Put me into shock and tore my lip(and a tooth) off…but I think my mom was the one who peed herself. 😉


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