You…Shook Me All Night Long.

My hand must have been moving pretty fast.

An update on the health:

I feel even worse today.

What to do!?

I kind of can’t think straight. For example, I laughed hysterically putting my face into that AC/DC poster. It truly isn’t that funny(you already know this), but I was in tears. And apparently, I can’t hold completely still for just one picture.

I need a huge hug.

I laid in bed with M watching Lost for almost 4 hours last night. I tried to calm the heat burning in my head with a wash cloth, but then I had the reverse problem of FREEZING. That was pretty much my rhythm. Back and forth.

I want nothing more but to stay home today. But, I’m going to try to push through the day with a smile. Wash my hands frequently. Maybe even try to keep some food down.

5. I am a black belt in hard form kung fu.


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