Tonight In A Lightbeam

Longest day ever since my last longest day ever.

Had a good quickie with M at the gym, no homo.

Now just going to have a few laughs with M and then I am going to come home quickly just to cuddle in my bed.

Update (11/11/10): My plan ended up canceling. I ended up just cuddling. I do not lie or misrepresent to readers πŸ˜‰

Here’s a few photos.

My favorite little robe.


*ignore dirty mirror, been busy*

Maybe I should stop with the “hair tuck”?

AND…a lame pic to show my shoes.

…it’s really hard to take a good pic after being awake for so long. HELP!


Remember, I love you.



4 responses to “Tonight In A Lightbeam

  1. oh lala what a corset!

  2. This is what you look like when tired?! Wow, the rest of us don’t have a chance!! You’re so, so gorgeous.

    Loving your white bustier!


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