Describe me in one word…

A topic of conversation many times at work..

How do you describe your style?

I never had an answer until just now.

I think every outfit in these photos/video has been worn on



At least it’s one of my favorite songs…and at least I dance better?

On to my next topic, who wants to start a band with me!?!?




4 responses to “Describe me in one word…

  1. I would have loved being a teenager during that time – it looked like so much, and still quite innocent. These days, youngsters carry weapons, fight and don’t understand respect and courtesy. Shame.

    I can’t sing or play an instrument, but you bet your lovely socks that I can dance! I’ll be one of your dancers, if you’ll have me : )


    • It seems so innocent…but I know that every decade has it’s thorn. On a positive note: the neons are hardly dangerous! 🙂

      You enjoy dancing!? What type of dance Milla? Did you ever have lessons?


  2. i want to start a band with you!!! pick me, pick me!!

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