Toughen UP.


Shirt made dress:Wang; Boots:Random Costume Boutique tied onto a drag queen mannequin;Feather Piece:ForLove


A lot of times we get caught up in adding too many parts to an outfit that we forget the beauty of simplicity.


In this post you see a 5ft female become a giant.

a tough giant. with a soft side.

the side happens to be on the right side of my dome.

18.  I love birds.

Sancho (my Quaker parrot) is my son.

Rio (my family’s blue and gold macaw) is my brother.

Pigeons are like the irritating people I come across day to day…(too far?)



7 responses to “Toughen UP.

  1. You look AMAZING!
    By the way, I love love your outfit!
    (especially the boots!)

  2. You look AMAZING!
    By the way, I love love this outfit!

  3. Work your legs out much. Jeez.

    • I try to at least twice a week actually! I’m over preparing for my metabolism to slow down(which I know will be soon. ha)
      PS. Do you like your Verizon service? I just switched to AT&T and I actually like it better!!


  4. LOVE the top and bottom ones! 😀 you look amazing!

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