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I skipped the boyfriend cut women’s denim, and went straight for the pair of old men’s jeans I keep for that time of the month when nothing seems to fit, and nothing else feels remotely comfortable. Tissue top is XXI, and the scarf was from a vintage shop on 7st.


D is back home to me.

I’ve realized that the majority of our time together in the past couple months has been cut short or rushed because of putting others’ desires above our own. Sadly, I’ve allowed myself to busy up with insignificant things and miss out on growing and learning more about D in return. I picked him up from the airport yesterday and we had no tasks to complete, I had nothing “urgent” to tend to, our phones were quiet…. and we finally got to just BE.

While I’d love to ramble some more (those of you who know me, know this is proven true), D and I are headed to get some Chai, some McMuffins, walk around aimlessly, maybe start a few controlled fires in abandoned streets, DIM SUM, and laughing until we have tears in our eyes.





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I am feeling confident that I am going to take over the airlines and with one fist, and then punch out all the employees with my right. Not only was my recent experience ghastly(and left me home bound), now D is stuck across the country from me. I know that we are just 2 voices out of THOUSANDS of despondent stories yet to be heard. If any of you readers are stuck somewhere, whether it be an airport,  a strange state, or just somewhere that is not home…hang in there.

It will be better soon.

The wrap up above is no-name and a gift from momma. Shoes were seen awhile ago here. It is actually starting to get chilly here in Arizona, and I don’t think a “sweater” with no sleeves is going to suffice.





I love you so much.

His story is as beautiful as his heart.

Asian Persuasion.

Yesterday, I had a Dim Sum lunch with two very special people…

I also walked around the Asian market.

Mind you, some of the things pictured are not Vietnamese foods, a lot of them fall into the Korean, Chinese, Japanese categories and no offense to ANYONE, but not particularly my liking.

not ready…hahaha!

the Asian girl’s ketchup.


not the most healthy isle around.

haha there’s just an option for “starch”


No thank you.

poor little octopi.




antiques make me smile.



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