And I felt like Edward Cullen.

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This is just a quickie post from last night, not a full out, narcissistic  posed outfit post you are used to from me.  M and I got ready to go somewhere, and ended up spending an entire night taking pictures and not being successful in taking at least one good one of the two of us. I think it’s just because both of our smiles are freakin’ HUGE. The romper is one I had in an earlier post, and is my new go to if I feel like just being naked, but can’t because it’s not acceptable.

Talk to you soon!

I have to go kick my own ass now!

Disregard dirty mirror.

Then I realized I looked like a Cullen with the middle part, so I changed it right quick.


7 responses to “And I felt like Edward Cullen.

  1. Just gorgeous. Your hair looks lovely like that and the lipstick is the perfect shade. Gorgeous!!

  2. Super cute romper!! Love your new header – very clean and chic looking!


    • Ash! Thanks so much! I did it in such a hurry, and never really was good at this computer stuff HOWEVER, I will be forcing myself to sit and do another one in the new year! Thank you so much for noticing the little things..and taking the time to share with me ❤

  3. The red nails, the bare shoulders…. oh you sexy little thing ❤

  4. too much booty in da pants! hahahah 😉

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