the doors.

vote on teen vogue here!scowling? oops.

turned the frown upside down.

someone said “hi!” right when camera clicked. oops!

a random photo of me sitting on my couch.

Looking quite robotic.

Close up of one of the best tshirts I own thanks to my old roommate!

Good Afternoon! I finally put on some clothes, but it was fleeting! Now I am in my required work outfit, which actually makes me feel quite normal. Those abnormal shorts up there are from Charlotte Russe and were a steal. I think I’ve said it before, but my most favorite outfits on me or anyone else are those that do not match perfectly! Mix match patterns, put a graphic tee with flowers(or dots) and just rock it.

It’s 72 degrees right now.

Is it really December or am I being punked??

34. I am still scared of clowns.




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