Welcome Inside.

work racer.

We all love seeing inside people’s homes(or is that just me?). Here’s a few things that are hung on my walls, and my little tiny bed. I am off to work! We will talk later if it’s not too late!





4 responses to “Welcome Inside.

  1. your place looks so zen and peaceful. :] It really matches all the whites and greys you wear.

    • Thank you! I want so badly to paint the walls, but I am renting and REALLY don’t want to have to paint them back when I move out. I would love to do some sort of vintage wall paper on one wall, and then a completely mismatching color on the adjacent. Just sayin!

  2. No, me too! It’s so interesting to see where people live, their style and things that make them comfortable. Your home is lovely.


    • It always is so fun to imagine a different way of life. Thank you M! It is quite a small space to work with, but it works for now until I get to have a house!


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