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imperfections are perfect.

Good morning!! I am so excited to hang out with my little brother today! I was in need of my light! The weather is still between 65-78 degrees, so I imagine it will be SUCH an enjoyable weekend. I doubt it will be as enjoyable for poor D. He is getting all 4 off his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. When I had mine, I was in bed for awhile and had puffy cheeks for forever due to some complications. I loved the feeling of waking up from being put asleep though. It is one of the weirdest feelings to not know what happened or where you are. For fear of rambling, I’ll cut it around here…

I can’t wait for a chai, and I am hoping my parents would maybe like to meet me for some Vietnamese food. C IS CRAVING! NOM NOM NOM!

35. Favorite color=black.



4 responses to “scopic.

  1. Your necklace is AMAZZZING!
    Cute eyelet top too, and those pants looks uber comfy! Love this look! Hope oyu had a great day!


  2. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! looks soooo good! i love it! 🙂

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