New Year Arse Whooping.

please excuse the blackberry camera quality and overall ghetto nature of the photos.

the sun in my face.

I have to confide in you…it is extremely challenging to keep going on the elliptical when one has copious amounts of holiday foods posted in the inner most parts of the body. I’m pretty sure I sweat stuffing today.

Attractive? I don’t care.

After a month break, it sure felt good to get abused by the cardio and free weights. I moved my cardio down to 30 minutes because I tend to think girls with the body of a surf board are not that fun to look at. I also did chest and light tri’s for those of you who wonder, and something cool I discovered today: girls who don’t like to bench(me included), get in the bench position with your free weights on a flat bench(I use 10 lbs for these) and do short small pumps for 2 sets of 20, and then complete bench presses with the dumbells for 2 more sets of 15. It will feel like a rubber band about to snap where your shoulders,arms, and chest meet and it’s wonderful. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or comment and I will answer to the best of my ability!

Your recovering carb/starch addict,



6 responses to “New Year Arse Whooping.

  1. Damn woman!!…I am so jealous of your abs. I need to step up my workout routine, coz i have been trying to get more toned and its not giving me the results I want soon enough…maybe a couple of months hopefully before spring I will get there….

    • You make me blush!

      If you are working them, and not seeing results now…mix it up! for example, if you do crunches and “side bends” etc, maybe for a week take a break with NO abs and only cardio, then the week after that hit them hard with WEIGHTED abs. I’m confident you’ll not only feel like you got hit by a bus, but you’ll have the abs to withstand it 😉


  2. What kind of a front bicep is that? We’ll be working hard on your posing. 😉

  3. I can’t wait to get back to the gym for some intense cardio!!! I really look forward to an asskicking session. You’re my inspiration.

    • I was so fearful, and then I got on there, and realized that it doesn’t HAVE to take a long time to get back to where we want to be, it just has to take discipline and a smile. you have both! Happy new year beautiful Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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