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I have wanted a pair of TOMS since my junior year of high school, though you’d see monkey’s fly out of my bum before I’d spend 50 dollars on them. Providentially, D and I found these on an adventitious exploration to our local second hand store for a mere $18. I also still cannot take credit, all thank you’s and kisses to D for lavishing me with love and TOMS. I got the blazer awhile ago and it’s suffocating sleeves juxtaposed by its liberal waist pushes me to hide it in the deepest depths of my closet, and yet, I still wear it. Beggars can’t be choosers, and hey, it is actually cold in Arizona. To fill in all the space I had in the mid-region, I figured a sweatshirt type thing would not only be a good filler, but could add some warmth. I was wrong. About the warmth part. The sweatshirt type thing has no sleeves. Think Sylvester Stallone in Rocky and you can get a good idea.

I have some photos from Ian’s Birthday Linner (lunch/dinner). I will post them when it is not 2am.


4 responses to “Toms.

  1. Secondhand shopping… I don’t know about you, but to me it is based upon the quintessential idea that “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure”. I read this and did not assume that C was unwilling, but rather unable, to afford for herself a new pair of TOMS. So, then what? She found herself a pair of TOMS that had been abandoned by their previous owner and hence, the ability to promote TOMS visually on a day to day basis was also abandoned. C is clearly in a great position as a fashion blogger for Teen Vogue to promote causes that are worthy to her, to inspire young women to dress like she does and that TOMS are a worthy shoe for every closet…
    But to each their own. I did not find her post to be offensive in the slightest but rather quite endearing and adorable, as are all her posts.
    I do however find it offensive that you cannot write with proper grammar:

    1. The dollar sign comes before the 50; it would be written $50.
    2. You should have put a comma after charity instead of a period, and therefore “yet” would not be capitalized.
    3. Starbucks is a proper noun and it needs to start with a capital letter.
    4. McDonald’s requires an apostrophe because it is showing possession.
    5. The word “waring” I am assuming was your attempt to spell “wearing” but I’m sure you know what making assumptions does at this point…

    5 mistakes in 3 hateful sentences? You should consider proofreading next time.

    -An avid reader of C’s blog

  2. I find it offensive you would never spend 50$ on those shoes that were MEANT to be for charity. Yet you go to starbucks and McDonalds? You waring those shoes is a disgrace.

    • I’ve always found it incredible how quickly and ignorantly people come to assumptions and judgments. For example, you take this post, and assume that because I do not buy TOMS, I do not give more than money. If you actually looked beyond the small confines of your world view, you would see through many posts on this blog that I give HOURS of my time and money to refugees from Burundi, Africa, Chin tribes, Hispanic immigrants, domestic abuse women/children every week. I don’t have to rely on a mass organization, while it serves it’s purpose, to help those in need. I hold them. I laugh with them. I rock them to sleep. I feed them. I love them. I would highly suggest you learn more about “charity” and what the heart of it is. You will find that it is more than buying one pair of shoes. It is in the amount of time, and selflessness you are willing to sacrifice to those beautiful children and people in need of money, or just time.

      By the way, I hate McDonald’s.

      Have a beautiful new year Sasha, and I hope that more beauty will be shown to you as the year progresses.


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