PUSH: Legs/Core

did I compliment my sports bra to my nails?…yes. Not worried about it.

There was so much positive feedback to the last gym post focused on Abs you can do at home. Some of you asked that I continue to do these as a regular on the blog. If you ever miss a post, you can find them in the PUSH category in the sidebar of the home page. Today I’m showing some leg/core work. For those of you who claim to not have enough space in your room/house to do work outs, I am proving you wrong by doing these in the smallest part of the loft (between my bed and tv). I’m so proud of all of you! Keep pushing!

Raised Leg Wall Sits

1. Squat to 90 degrees against a wall keeping hips/waist/back in neutral position.

2. Lift one leg to be parallel to the ground.3. Raise leg 20 times for 1 set. Do 4 sets of 20 on each leg.

Butt Firming Lunges

1. Step forward and drop till the knee is just above the floor but not touching. Too high or too low is cheating. NEVER let your knee go over your toes on the front foot.this is what it should look like from behind2. Step up to front foot while raising back leg and squeezing your booty. No squeeze, no firm.

Side to Side Killers

1. Squat down with one leg behind the other, but keeping most of the weight on the front foot. It’s easier if you just follow the photo, explaining it may be more confusing.2. Step up to front leg and raise back foot to a 90 degree angle keeping ABS tight. Do this 10 times on each leg to make 1 set. Do four sets.

Booty Swimmers

1. Lay on the floor keeping chest and legs from touching the floor. Kick both your legs and arms simultaneously for a total of 2 minutes to make one set. Do 2 sets.2. SQUEEZE YOUR BOOTY. this isn’t about looking cute. Your butt will look super scrunched and weird while you’re doing it(see below), but once you stand up, it’ll be quite perky.


4 responses to “PUSH: Legs/Core


    Yes to all these wonderful abs / glutes exercises. Yesyesyes, I love that you are all about fitness AND fashion. It’s a rare combination. Ppl usually just want to be stick skinny.

    I completely identify with your fitness routine and am trying to push myself harder and harder as well. Seeing your fitness posts really give me a boost.

    • I would like you to know that we are absolutely feeding off each other in that case! Hearing(reading ha) you gives me my boost to get in my good work outs.

  2. your body is totally an inspiration for me! muscular but super fem 🙂

    ps: add some “om” to your day (lol) and try yoga. I’m all about doing it for spiritual benefit,but you can’t den the arms of a yoga girl. michelle obama ain’t got nothing!

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