Click here to see/vote on teenvogue!Some photos from a pretty gratifying day spent doing a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to do all along. Definitely feels good to get another win for the lesser breasted females out there. We can prance around in this stuff and not feel or look in any way queany. If you are a bit more endowed, I would stay away from this top as I was near exposure…and I am positive you’d have your two friends pop out to say hello at least twice. Before I make this post any more uncomfortable *looks around nervously*… these shoes were a steal. Truly. I am size 6 (however, if the occasion calls for it, I’ll force myself Cinderella step sister style into a 5); these Jeffrey Campbell’s are a size 7. But somehow, they fit me perfectly. I was perplexed. My local reseller(that I have grown to have a pretty passionate love affair with) is pretty hit or miss. Which is why I hit this.

It’s 2 am. And I’m not too sure going on these rants is such a good idea for keeping an intrigued audience. but hey, i’m pretty sure a lot of you are just sticking around in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, i’ll have another humiliating nipple slip spread across the internet!


2 responses to “atidaryti.

  1. Gorgeous shirt dress, love the print. The wedges are absolutely FAB to!!. Its OK to rant Ciara, that’s what blogs are all about.

    PS: I stepped up my work out regime and took up rhythm boxing (will blog about it soon). Its very intense and I am shedding pounds much faster. I don’t know if Iit will get me anywhere as toned as you but I am getting there in itty bitty steps

    and thanks for the blog comments. ..appreciate it..

    • GAH, you just keep giving me encouragement on these nights when I am sitting here reading my comments hoping for one that will give a smile. You do that for me ā¤

      And with you permission, I WILL CONTINUE TO RANT! šŸ˜€

      I am so incredibly proud to here of the steps you are taking to not only improving the physical aspect of your life, but knowing that will improve your way of life as a whole! Please keep me updated, and I will read that post with so much pride! I could never last a boxing class, I can tell you that! *weak at times*


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