Gym Abuse.

Started two a days today. Who knows if this will ever happen again with my schedule, but for today…I can say that muscle confusion DEFINITELY does do a lot more for reaching your goals. I had reached a plateau and changing every thing up SO drastically really ripped me a new one. Felt great!

in my defense with the following, my feet could NO LONGER wear shoes after going from morning work out, to work, to evening work out. and uhhh, I’m just plain tired.

checkin’ out the goods

from this morning in the locker room. horrible quality!

I’m on my way homegirl!! Watch out! 😉


2 responses to “Gym Abuse.

  1. Yes!! Confuse those muscles, girl! Keep rockin’ it. The abs are looking fabulous.

  2. MY GOODNESS girl you are HOOOOOOT! Defintly makin me wish I was training hard again like that… I miss the stress relief!! Thanks for the 6 pack of motivation! You rock.


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