Booty PUSH.

Here is a very quick post for those of you who were asking for some more bum work. These are some pretty simple, but oh so helpful moves to tighten the tush and keep the curves in tip top shape!

Sumo Squat Pumps

1. Get in beginning position with a wide squat and a tight core. Squeeze  your booty cheeks together from BEGINNING TO END!

2. Rise up, but NOT past the point of resistance. Push up to the point that all your..uhm…undercarriage feels pulled like a stretch rubber band! Then return back to position 1. I do for 4 sets of 12, do what is a challenge for you.

(what you should look like from the back. Remember, a deep squat is good, but a saggy/lazy squat is bad(and ugly))

Toot it and Boot It

1. Begin in a neutral position on all fours. Don’t arch your back. And definitely don’t try to look sexy, you’ll end up not working anything.

2. Alternate bringing each leg back into an extension keeping back and booty tight.  3. Some people return the leg back to position one, but I like to crunch it in(and I mean CRUNCH, tighten the belly and breathe out) and then return the leg to an extension. I do these for 4 sets of 20 on each let. Do what challenges you.

Scissor Squat

1. Start in a narrow squat making sure that your knees do not go over your toes.

2. Jump up and cross legs(like scissors :)) and return into position 1 on your landing. I do this for 3 sets of 20.

Pretty Pump

1. Get in THIS position and move up and down in a mini squat. Do this for 2 sets of 30 on each leg. Keep core tight or else you’re just doing a weird thing with your legs.


4 responses to “Booty PUSH.

  1. Someone give this woman a distribution deal! Your way better than most of the other trainers out there. Seriously, you should think about it…


    • I actually have been thinking about it M! I would really enjoy doing classes. But I am still going to sit and think on a revolutionary idea….hahah

      Much love to you M


  2. Alfredo j. Santana

    Hey ciara you look beautyful… Keep going

  3. aw your jump is so cute hahaha.

    Great tips!! I do all of these and completely agree that they TIGHTEN. ❤

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