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stillsick|something borrowed, something blue.

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still stuck in bed love bugs. can hardly keep my head up long enough to type. here’s a photo from a few weeks back. thank you so much for the emails and fb messages. for those of you who have asked: YES, ‘liking’ the CiaraLE facebook page does automatically give you 10% off ANY item on shopCIARA! Thanks again for the love and support. I hope to be well by tomorrow *fingers crossed*


still sick.

this is what I look like…for the past 3 days.


gym|I learned my lesson the hard way.

The most important lesson I’ve learned since working out, I learned today: DO NOT OVER TRAIN!!! I am in so so so much pain and so sick. I did not work out today, despite my hard-head. Not just joint and muscle pain…I have chills all over my body INCLUDING my va jay jay (so if you see me walking like I peed my pants….well, I didn’t). I can’t see straight and it hurts to walk. Please remember, training is about BUILDING muscle, not working out hours a day until they appear instantaneously. I’ve been sharing with you tips, and my journey in my competitions and training, and this includes where I have failed! This hurts and instead of “listening to my body’s” warnings…I pushed her off the edge and will now sacrifice training and eating my mandatory 6 meals(no appetite 😦 ).  I am praying that this ends by tomorrow night as it will be a very late one, and one that I cannot skip. Thank you for your support and prayers. I will keep you posted, and I apologize for the 3rd grade writing. I need to get off this thing and close my eyes! Phone  and computer are off.

gym|so sick.

Feeling SO very very sick today. Chills all over and a pounding headache. I don’t think it is the flu(because I had the flu shot, does that actually work?) but I am not too sure what else it could be. I’m still going to go work out and try to work the sickness out of me…does that work either? D and I will most likely make some dinner and I’m pretty sure I’m just going to let him take care of me. I haven’t felt this sick since the last time I almost died ;). I’ll take some time to answer the 2 emails I received this week:

Q: What do you eat and what do your work outs consist of?

A: Food-Typically, I eat a lot of good, and a little bad. When I am not getting ready for a competition, I eat oatmeal and cereals for breakfast, I usually ate a lot of Mexican and Vietnamese food, and snacked on fire hot cheetos. Since I’ve started preparing: eggs, greens, oatmeal, turkey, chicken, beef.

Work outs- Monday: upper body with free weights

Tuesday: lower body with machines

Wednesday: upper body with plyometrics

Thursday: lower body with free weights and cardio

Friday-Sunday: choice of cardio and abs or just cardio

Q. What’s on your gym playlist?

A: I have a lot of Rap(I know some of my friends are rolling their eyes right now). Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Eminem, The Roots, and Lupe Fiasco have their own playlist. I have some La Roux, Ratatat, RJD2, STC, Haste the Day, Underoath, MIA, Rihanna, TI, Chris Brown(duh). But one thing is for sure NO COUNTRY(unless is Garth Brooks, Wynona, or Brooks and Dunn..but even then, not during a work out).


Thank you for the questions! Keep em’ coming. I’m always here 🙂







Go Green.

wanted to take a moment to show my efforts in going green.



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gifted top from M, borrowed necklace from M. Thanks…M.

Have an amazing start to the weekend!!