Snatch it.

Met a lovely couple at Starbucks randomly. They had such a light in their eyes. And they were willing to invite me in to a wonderful new game of Snatch It. I don’t think I ever enjoyed meeting stranger more than I did today. We played for about 30 minutes and through the course of the game I learned about 10 new words to add to my vocabulary an also learned that Andres happens to be an amazing artist(last image above), and Ember actively listened to me tell my entire life story in 10 minutes(the condensed version of course).  She made me feel important to her. It was an example for me, and made me even more sad to find out they reside in California.

This chance friendship gave me hope for humanity. Proof that people CAN take their faces out of their phones, their minds off their agendas, and just enjoy being people.

If you would like to see more of Andre’s work(which you do, trust me) click HERE.


2 responses to “Snatch it.

  1. What a great chance encounter!! I’ve signed up for Andre’s newsletter – love his art!!


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