Today is still so cold! I couldn’t believe that the past couple days have been 30 degrees in Arizona. I also can’t believe that I am letting any complaints arise from it as I’m pretty sure I begged the sweet Lord this whole summer(with no A/C) to make it snow down on me.  The time it took me to wrap my hair up juxtaposed by the time it has taken me to blow dry my heavy mane makes me wonder why I have ever done my hair in the past. Totally perplexed.

Honestly. If you want to learn how to live simply, easily, and still have time to do other important things like spend time with your family.  Learn from cultures across the sea. Being with my Burundi, Burmese, and Mexican children every week(and also seeing their mothers) has taught me a lot. But none more than my own Vietnamese culture(and mommy). Be pretty, and don’t do a lot to get there.  Which brings me to my next point. What is in the heart ALWAYS come out. I remember(and have photographic evidence) of a time when I lived such an inconsistent secretive life. I was angry. I was jealous. And I was miserable. I look at the pictures and I seriously looked like death. My 5 pounds of make up that I used to sport couldn’t hide it. If you girls(and guys) seriously want to make your life easier, your heart happier, and your overall appearance less like death…start clearing out the devastation in your life. Welcome in honesty, consistency, inspiration, and most of all genuine love. Stop faking.

I’ll be picking up Ian in a few hours and cannot wait for some good brother sister time. I think he teaches me more than I try to teach him. All you have to do is sit and listen to him. I’m debating taking him to see Green Hornet today, but is it worth 25 dollars? Should I just wait to buy it second hand like I do with all my other 225 movies? Man, these decisions are hard. 😉

Live well today.



One response to “Wrapped.

  1. I adore the pink and coral together!

    I like this quote: Be pretty, and don’t do a lot to get there.

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