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Romper|LoveCulture. Jeffrey Campbell Woodies.

Bracelet|gift from daddy from Brazil.

Beautiful weather the past couple days with some beautiful days in general. Took this past week to try new things, get refocused, spend time with some pretty important people, and then to not do anything at all and just look around to take it all in…even if all of it is a pretty small skyline and a cactus.

Excited to look at some antiques, drink my first chai at Bucks ALL week(I DID IT!!) and go on a long walk with Ian. One thing I will NEVER never take for granted is the time I keep for my baby brother every week. To see him grow, and be a part of it is something I wouldn’t miss out on for any night out on the town. He will grow up knowing that, without a doubt, he has a sister who cares.


One response to “coral|chord

  1. I love this outfit! You look so beautiful!

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