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A preview of what I wore when M and I went to get a little something something to nibble on while I  met a friend of mine for a quick minute tonight. It was a calm and enjoyable night of limping.

Excuse the location of the photos. The lighting in my room looked like I was taking photos in a groovy graveyard.



Just got out of the shower and needed to take a few minutes to rest off my ankle. This afternoon, I seem to have tweeked it pretty badly as it was already pretty weak from the leg work out. I’m in some pain and my first reaction to things like this is to think worse case scenario, but I know I can ask readers out there for your prayers! I don’t want to win for my own trophy case, I desire to win to make a step forward for Christian women in the industry, as well as all natural women in the industry. All of your support has meant the world, and now I covet your prayers as well!! I am so accident prone!

Going to throw some clothes on now.

PS. NO, I don’t think anything is broken or torn, but at this time, every work out is necessary for training! So don’t worry Mom! 😉



Thanks mom.

the point and shoot.

I have some “difficult” parts of my body that I definitely have to spend more time on: legs, delts, and traps.

I’ve upped the weight on all delt/trap exercises and am happy to say I’ve gained 1.5 inches on the span!!!!!!

I can hardly walk from my leg work out two days ago, so I’m going to be doing another circuit as opposed to doing a full hour on any one body part.

Questions? Get at me!



rise and shine.

Just woke up, and still have not moved one foot off my bed. I did however reach down to grab a sour straw and my lap top.

Have a beautiful and “progressive” day 🙂

” Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.”
—Alfred A. Montapert


UPDATE: not his truck. not my truck. strangers truck.

you may now continue reading.

it’s a routine:

1. post abs.

2. do the typical “smile and wave”

3. practice posing for competition so the win will take place.

4. hand on hips, smile on lips.

5. and then pass out from going buck on the elliptical.


full post coming soonnnnn-ish.