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Not Catholic. Still cute.

It’s Friday and I am going to go on a bike ride to read my Bible and maybe draw a bit at Starbucks. I’m still sick…STILL. But I think I am going to continue living in denial and bike ride like the healthiest mother f-er you’ve EVER seen! If any of my readers happen to be in the greater Phoenix area, and you see an Asian smiling insanely with the wind blowing in her hair and cheeks flapping…be sure to honk. Have I told you I put a flower and a clown horn on my bike? It’s really cool.

Floral bandeau is American Eagle..but I didn’t get it at American Eagle(obviously). Purple top is a high school buy from Target. Jeans are ones from an ex boyfriend that I cut up. Needless to say, weekends are for dressing down!

I’ll post again later! Thank you so much for all the support on the PUSH posts! More info will be coming soon for those of you who have been asking about my personal training!


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