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accidentally kinda got a wedgie. disregard.

Momma always loved perrywinkle, I remember because I don’t think I understood what she was saying until my Junior year of high school. This “romper” is actually an old school pair of pajamas, obviously I didn’t care to much about the label. I’m wearing this every where. The necklace is the one featured in “from my closet” this week. I glued in the the beads in the middle three holes(the purple ones) and brought this steal of a necklace back to beauty. Those Jeffrey Campbell’s are unbelievably amazing. Couldn’t believe I got them for 20 bones. I hope Arizona stays under 98 degrees for at least 4 more weeks so I can wear them without my feet melting.

I have a lot to get done before I leave for Laguna Beach but I will be doing all of it with a huge smile!

I think the next time I blog will be on the beach! WORD.


4 responses to “perrywinkle.

  1. This is such an unsual yet stunning outfit! You look amazing!

  2. That necklace is beautiful! xoxo

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