Hi Ma! Hi Pa! And Hello to all readers! Greetings from Laguna! We have already arrived and managed a nap in the hotel 2 miles from the Laguna Beach, and .5 miles from a private beach! Right when we walked in, we put our bags down and finished up the I Love Lucy marathon! I feel so blessed to be in a room that smells of sea water and spring! D and I had an amazing drive. One that made 6 hours feel like 1. My rear end would probably disagree with me, however. I ate a whole bag of fire hot cheetos. And now we are going to go eat some more. D and I took some pretty awesome stops on the way, this is one in Quartsite, AZ and the next one was at General Patton’s Museum! I’ll post some photos from that next!

I am being a good friend and keeping my promise! I will keep posting throughout our trip when we have the down time in a coffee shop.


One response to “California|OntheRoad

  1. Clearly you guys aren’t allowed on the premises… the lethalness of those guns!!

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