So I was going to do a “how to get your straight hair fro’d” video last night and the video down there is as far as I got. Oops!

Getting big hair isn’t as hard as people think, and it’s not as comfortable as I would hope. All I do IS:

1. take shower, or don’t take a shower, but then you smell bad.
2. brush hair but not like, all the way..leave it kinda tangly(if you want it to look messy, which you should.)
3.separate hair in to vertical rows of 4 or 5 from front to back.
4. roll with foam rollers.
5. sleep and dream
6.wake up, and pick and hairspray but not too much. don’t have perfect hair. it’s predictable.

This amazing necklace was a gift from a dear friend who is actually my best friend from Jr high/high school wife! Did that make sense? She made this, and gave it to me as a beautiful 21st birthday gift last April. Love it! Wear it often, capture pictures in it rarely.

Okay, enjoy the video. SMH.


2 responses to “MindlessSelfIndulgence.

  1. imma try this big hurr thing!!!!! Ahh it looks so spunky and fun.

  2. You are one cool ass chick.

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