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I’ve had 5 glasses of my favorite chai today. A tamale. cream of wheat. eggs. I miss Ian already, and I will until next Friday.



what to wear if you’re an awesome sister with an even more incredible little brother and you’re taking him to a deliciously gorgeous burger joint and walking around Biltmore Fashion….*deep breath*

had such a beautiful time last night with Ian. his mind is beyond his years. we split one of the best burgers i’ve ever had in my life, a huge basket of french fries, and a root beer float. THEN, we had a total of 4 glasses of chai, a handful of hot cheetos, and sour straws.

Like I’ve said before.

Friday-Sunday are my “cheat” days.

gym| So you want my body?

Or maybe you just want some abs?

PUSH is now going into your gym. Starting this week, I will be taking/booking clients for the months of April|May|June|July. You can either book me per session (at random) or 5 sessions for a set fee. Nutrition plans are also available.

PUSH also includes group boot camps. If 3 or more people would like to book a 1 hour boot camp with a Q&A to personalize your goals be sure to email me as well. This is perfect for those of you readers who are in sororities (or frats! 😉 ) A few of you have contacted me from out of state wanting a boot camp, if you can get a group together of 15 or more- I will travel for you 🙂 *angel eyes*

All inquiries should be sent to

Oh, yeah, the video down there is my resume 😀


noun \ə-ˌglä-mə-ˈrā-shən\
1: the action or process of collecting in a mass
2: a heap or cluster of usually disparate elements



hate em or dig em.

it doesn’t really matter.

I’m learning to accept.

One step closer to Lord of the Rings transformation.

stalk|ciara-a post about being imperfect.

“Dare to be true:  nothing can need a lie:  A fault, which needs it most, grows two thereby. “

-George Herbert

Let’s get real. It’s beautiful when you can be.

I have VERY short stubby lashes. Instead of spending extravagant amounts of moola on extensions or surgical implants(really???), I’m going to try this:

Loreal Lash Serum. I have used it a day here a day there in the past, but am so A.D.D that I stop before I see any results(or decide that it’s worthless and break it in half with my new biceps). I’ll let you know how it works for me, if you have used it…let me know if I am wasting my time!

Also, every month, during the “special” week I get one of these:

I’ve never had an acne problem per say, however, I do get period marks…BAHAHA. A trick my dad taught me when I was a very self conscious teen was to toothpaste that ish QUICK! haha. Toothpaste works as a cheaper Proactive (that stuff is so stupid. Way too much alcohol for long term benefits).

Tonight I sleep in polka dots and lace. My book on cd is ready to be played. Now let’s all do the Pretty Girl Rock and rest in knowing that our identity is NOT in perfect skin, perfect hair, and amazing facial structure. Nor is it in men, women, or secretive lives to impress either. Our identity is in our love for ourselves, our love for others, and knowing that we are created with a purpose! Know you are beautiful. You are important. You are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

Be consistent. Be honest.