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                                        and of course, some of me being obnoxious.

Promised I’d do a “same shirt, two ways” post again. and what better shirt to do it with than this gifted top from M. Jeans are People’s Liberation, and booties are Michael Kors. An ally in central phoenix is a pretty odd place for a blog post but uh, i’m okay with it.

I was thinking yesterday about how this blog started. With an old panasonic digital camera that was a 17th birthday gift, rushing snaps on my way to work at 5:30 am, with pictures like this…

I never really thought any of this would take off. I remember asking a girl at a church I used to frequent with my ex boyfriend if she would mind taking pictures of me for my new blog. She never showed any interest back.

Fast forward forward 3 months: my blog is on Teen Vogue. She has the audacity to text me this : “If I take your pictures, will I get on Teen Vogue?”


Moral of this story is: don’t piggy back on my hustle.


One response to “allycat.

  1. Reminder – never piggyback on C’s hustle fool!

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