curiosity never killed a human.
that may be false.


more room photos have been requested. as for the reason behind all the random objects from all over the world and my odd pillows…there is none.

actually, there is one. i liked them.

  • my bed: malm in white from ikea on sale for $99 about 1 year ago
  • light balls: target waaaay back when. definitely one of my favorite additions
  • marbled flower pots on bookself: devon and i are awesome
  • tribal wood shelf thing over my bed: from a local trader
  • gold/tacky/wonderful elephant head: ross $2.50
  • Genie lamp: ross $1
  • huge domino: thrift store
  • pillow: collected over time, if i told you actually places, i’d be lying because I do not remember.
  • Vintage TV Dinner stand as a bed stand: antique shop

                                              uhm. my hair.

                            I was showing my curtain “artistically”. I failed.


                                                           gave up right around here.


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