Had my favorite work out shorts on(thanks D!) but then realized that it would become a thong in about 2 seconds when I do my cardio, SO I changed right quick into some pants. I expect sweat in the near future. Don’t make fun of my triceps, I’ve been working diligently on them! haha! there’s a progress pic down there, also, the upper abs are finally popping. To really focus in on those, do squats. Trust me. The best way to work your abs is not to work your abs.

  • Breakfast-3 eggs, chips and salsa(?)
  • Lunch- spring salad and strawberries (oil and vinegar dressing)

Thank you to Keveshia, a blogger in the UK for the love on her blog! –

Stylish Minded

competition pose.

take 2


One response to “gym|whiteytightey

  1. I used to have that bra! But God gifted me with a large chest, so the whole v in the front was kinda hoochie-mamma!

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