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fitmod| III

model: ciara le gale
mua: jade twoitsie
photo: peter kertz
photoediting:ciara le gale




if you missed yesterday’s video with the booty ball roll, see it HERE.

fitmod| II

model-ciara gale
mua-jade twoitsie
photo-peter kertz
photoediting-ciara gale

PUSH| bootie ball rolls.

New video with one of my favorite full body moves that really kicks the bootie and abs into gear. Be careful your first time and make sure you are keeping your core nice and tight or else it will be a waste of time! If you fall off the ball the first couple times, don’t worry! I still fall off!!!

stalkCIARA| itsinthemorning

My weekly break from the gym was just marvelous. What is even more marvelous is that I have the biggest urge to get back in to it today! Usually, I want to prolong my breaks to Wednesday and only work out one day a week on Thursday. I’ve been blown away by the self discipline and self respect of some wonderful young women I have been meeting and getting emails from lately. I read what you write, and pray that it will continue to rub off on me! While I’ve reached some of my basic goals, I still have more to learn, and one of those is staying consistent! Will you hold me to that?

Anyways, I will be blogging fashion focused here soon. The closer I get to competition, the more fitness focused we will be (it helps keep me good!) but hang with me styleCIARA readers….I’ll still be giving you what you come for.

Most of all, thank you again for all the support.

This weekend after the shoot and a few other things I needed to get done, Dev and I went to a neon party. Here was my facebook status from that night: I go to parties and don’t drink because 1) look at the bellies of those who do 2) I will most likely start a fight with some trick.

Before we left, we snapped a few on my laptop which has most likely the worst web cam quality but who cares? (i do! i care! someone, please get me my first 13in mac book pro! PLEASE), and then I took some on my Torch!


fitmodCIARA| kertz.

A few from the shoot with Pete! Hair and makeup was done by the lovely Jade Twoitsie at Rochelle’s Salon. She is amazing and has been my colorist/stylist for the past 6 months! If you call to book, be sure to mention, you won’t regret it 😉

I did the editing and cropping on these shots. For those of you who have contacted me for parts modeling, here are some close ups of All fitness modeling inquiries should be sent to There is  more to come so make sure you are keeping up on the blog, or contact me asap for booking!


and pete’s specialty, the headshot!

stalkCIARA|why i am happy.

The shoot went well and Peter was such a joy! Time flew with him and it was so fun to try different ways at shooting fitness with a spin. But what has touched my heart more than anything is this,  just read these comments by the most amazing 11 year old little brother in the world. It is this little man that makes me want to be a better person every day. The fact that he thinks this much of me and is filming his own mini videos to be the next big director makes running around every day in front of my camera worth it! What a sweet heart.

(chi hai stands for big sister in Vietnamese) :

11/05/28 at 7:28 pm

i love you chi hai! you are the best model in the world! someday, i will be a great photographer and filmer like you! IIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! A la prochaine my dear sister!

Author : pinkyavantgarde Comment:
my sister is the greatest in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!