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father knows best. get it. cause i’m wearing a feather?? aaarrggh shite.

waiving at the maintenance man. mr rogers taught me how to be a good neighbor.

a closer look at the importants:

check it out. do i get the fashion blogger award for best photos displaying shoes? it’s difficult sometimes! truly!

I see my family tonight. I see my D today. I see Leonardo DeCaprio in my mind’s eye. I see eggs now.

People’s Liberation jeans dress down a one shoulder. A feather earring make it confusing as to whether I’m going to a picnic or a party. Mystery? Risky? Winning.

All will be posted in the shop, again. Email/facebook message/ or tweet me regarding all size/price info if you’d like to put a piece on hold.

Also. The blogs been going for 9 months. I’ve had my blog baby! I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a hermaphrodite so neither my men, nor my women, get left out. Keep reading, keep sharing, keep finding inspiration…because I am daily inspired by you. Thank you for being in my life.

All my love,

Ciara Le Gale


One response to “featherknowsbest.

  1. Your photography gets better and better all the time! Like the rest of everything you set out to do!!! I am exceedingly proud of you!!!

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