First thing I did today after I put my swag on was stay in bed and take 3 photos on my half working laptop first thing in the morning. The hair was big. The eyes were dry. And all is well.

Woke up to a comment that easily makes the list of top 3 of all time. Not only do I not know her, but she still puts down for me better than my closest friends. Thank you so much Jackie! Reading your comment made me smile and hopeful that a woman DOES understand! AND you are so right. This past week I had two readers offer to tell me what I should and shouldn’t blog. I still don’t understand why it’s not getting through some thick heads that the blog title is CIARA. I blog what I want to blog! That is how it started last August, as a journal of sorts! There are blogs talking about all things travel, art, sex, mcdonald’s…if is not what they want to be reading, they need to find a different blog! Before I get on my ramble, Jackie, I’m so privileged to have you reading MY blog, and look forwards so much to hearing from you again!


Author : Jackie
E-mail :  removed for jackie’s privacy
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HAHAHAHA.  Okay, I have been following your blog for a bit because I stumbled upon it somehow and think it is unique and empowering.  First of all, I love how you either have to be a “saint” or a “slut” in the eyes of people… and that is not fair to you at all.  I don’t know you but I know not to judge you based on your blog and I am sorry that people feel better by occasionally putting you down on your blog posts.  First of all, you have a great body and you should be PROUD!  Some of the pictures you post may seem “scandalous” in the eyes of some strangers, but I  personally think you are showing off the body God is helping you achieve and you are doing it in a tasteful manner.  It is pretty challenging to show hip flexors fully clothed… your haters need to get a grip and realize this.  There is nothing wrong with being proud of what you are working with, especially if it is on YOUR blog.  If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t read it haha.  Second of all, people who are taking
the time to put you down on YOUR blog really need to get a life… don’t they realize that they are only filling themselves up with more hate by taking the time to make others feel bad or insecure.  Why don’t they start their own and then they can rant and rave all they want.  My favorite is always how people take the time to talk about how “disgraceful” it is to show of sex appeal like that… yet they keep checking the latest blog posts.  Continue being an independent and confident person… and as my pastor once told me, “focus on the vision, not the obstacles.” 🙂

Oh, and the IP Address things is just hilarious…. people need to think before they act. HAHA, too funny.

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