PUSH|braided-part one.

why i was clenching the bootie cheeks, I do not know

As you know, today is my first day back after my forever imperative Friday-Sunday rest period. I didn’t lift a finger for pretty much the entire time. oh wait, that’s a lie. I lifted my fingers for papa john’s, mexican food, apple pie and ice cream(together). It is crazy to see the layer that can cover my abs and other parts in just 3 days of cheats. If you are just now reading ciaraLE.com for the first time, I will never promote scarce eating, starvation, or laxatives, however, I also do not promote lack of self control, overeating, or laziness. These breaks are INTENTIONAL and planned. With the amount of work I do in a week, as well as the time in the gym, it is extremely easy to overexert and become very ill. DO NOT EAT LIKE THIS IF YOU ARE IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR JOURNEY AND ARE NEEDING TO SHED SOME FAT POUNDS!

As you can see, my abs have flattened out a bit. I have stopped working abs for the past week as they were getting kinda sorta overdeveloped. Once I bring my arms up to par to match, I will then hit abs once again. I stand firmly in the opinion that one overdeveloped body part and a sadly underdeveloped continuation of the body is in no way attractive or intelligent. All your body is connected. Work them to be in sync and symmetrical.

I now have more openings in the PUSH calendar. Email immediately to book your training with me. If you have never trained with me and would like some more information, please email as soon as you can: ciaralegale@gmail.com


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