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Luke Guldan

I feature a lot of girls in the industry on here…now that I have equal amounts of female AND male readers, I thought I’d give a spot to this bodybuilder/model Luke Guldan. As a body builder, I don’t necessarily like his look on stage…however, as fitness model I think he is one of the best!


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JennyStorm Models

before|after & my weigh in!

My starting point in the beginning photo(when I decided I wanted/needed to compete again). I weighed in at 123 which is quite heavy for a 4 foot 11 inch asian girl and didn’t even want to take my body fat. My small stature was my excuse for not eating well or exercising, but in this photo was when I started REALLY seeing the negative affects of my unhealthy lifestyle and mind.

I met with my competition coach, Tim from Die Hard Gym and Fitness, last night. We meet every week, or every other to take my body fat measurement, measure the muscles/hip/waist etc. These meets act as little markers for me to know how much more there is to “go” until competition as well as ensuring I don’t get too skeletonish like a lot of the girls I see in the industry right now.

Here are my markers from last night:

weight: 103.6
body fat: 9.8%

I am very excited. I needed to gain some body fat the past 2 weeks but still keep it under 10%. Those sweet cream rolls and bean burritos did the trick!

I spent some time this morning responding to emails from some amazing people. Australia, Brazil, and the UK seem to be where the bulk of you ciaraLE readers are and all I have to say is….WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PLANE TICKETS?!?!


Posted this entire outfit in the shop. Can you believe it? 😉

You can see it/shop it here.

I’ll be buying paint today. Well, that is definitely my PLAN. Depending on the price range that may or may not come to fruition. Momma’s gotta eat.

I want to meet up with a connoisseur of paint. Anyone out there?

Also, is it normal to sneeze and almost pee?

PUSH| lemme tell ya!

breakfast: 1 cup cream of wheat(measured before cooking) 1 apple 5 eggs
lunch: freaking huge salad with copious amounts of chicken breast and chips/salsa

currently listening to: country sh*t (see below)

wearing: under armour

thinking: there are some crazy *ss broads out there and for some reason, they swarm at me. I ain’t mad at em though. do what you’re good at!

also thinking: I’m really grateful for you amazing females and guys out there, you keep doin’ you too! You’re making the world, and my life, better! xoxo

some of the things on the agenda for today:

  • 15 min tread
  • 4×8 wide squats
  • 4×8 curls
  • 4×8 lat pull downs


learn to say the same thing
let us hold fast to sayin the same thing
i hope all is well with you
i wish the best for you
when no one is around love will always love you